Children line up to Quiz the Archaeologist!

An enthusiastic class from the School spent a very informative hour with archaeologists Leon Hunt and Sue Henderson who kindly explained the purpose of their role and discussed their findings with their fascinated visitors.

There were fragments of pottery, an old coin (a 1925 6-pence!) and some pieces of bone including half a collar bone and part of a foot bone. Mr Hunt surmised that these bits of dis-articulated bone, found just 30cms under the floor tiles, probably originated from the churchyard because seemingly the Victorians brought in soil from outside to use as fill, on top of which was a laid 6 inch layer of what appeared to be sand and lime. He also suspected that the latter was old plaster spoil removed from church walls, which we know had a white-washed finish earlier in the 19th century.DSC_0690 compressed

However the children were much more interested in the gory details of the bones with plenty of questions and speculations! (click on photo to enlarge)

Sue Henderson presented the children  with the six pence she had found to remind everyone of their visit.

Deputy head teacher Mr Rob Salt thanked Leon and Sue and reminded the children, ” how privileged they were to have had this opportunity, right here in their village church, to learn about archaeology and the history of their community, which is something most people might only see on television”.


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